New blogger, new journey

Here it very first post on my own blog. My first step on my blogging journey . My first step into the unknown. My first step on a very different path compared to anything else I have ever done. Believe it or not, but it has actually taken some time to get this first post ready.  It has been more intimidation than I first expected and to be quite honest, I am not even quite sure it is ready.  You see,I didn’t just want to write something silly, or something you see everywhere else. No I wanted this first post to be more personal and represent me, since I believe this post will be the foundation for future posts. It will keep me on track and help me steer in the right direction , ’cause one thing I did promise myself with this blog was to stay honest, truthful and authentic. Yes there will of course be silly things, just because we all need to keep in touch with our humor….humor makes us stay sane (or so I have heard- especially with kids and dogs in the household!!!) and humor is still a big part of who I am. But this blog is to represent my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences, my journey through life. My search for balance as a mother, wife and woman.  My search for a balance in body, mind , spirit. My search for me!

I hope through this blog I can evoke a response, create a connection with others out there.

Welcome to my blog, my world, my future!

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