Human Fear

The laws of the world is based on human fear. Fear of losing control. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not getting justice or your fair share. Fear of letting others discover who you really are. Today’s society is based on accommodating the masses which results in suppression of the human and individual spirit. You might ask why we as individuals have allowed this development to continue for so many years if it suppresses us. Well ,I believe that it comes down to something as basic and fundamental as our need to belong. To feel accepted. To not stand out. To be considered “normal”. Normal equals comfort, security. The blanket of comfort feels nice and warm. Predictable. No messiness. No surprises. Just being one out of many doing the right thing. Doing what is expected of you.
But in the back of your mind, a tiny little voice is trying to reach the surface of your consciousness, while whispering: “Is this it? Is this really all life is? I’m not satisfied nor happy. I am bored”! Quickly you rush to suppress the voice. This ignorant and ungrateful voice. Doesn’t it understand how good things are? Quickly you bury it deep down before it gets you in trouble. You know, that you just need to keep your head down, follow the masses and follow the rules and happiness will come to you. No questions are needed to be asked. Until once again the voice dare to rise and ask a question. Quickly you suppress it once again and this you will do over and over and over and over again, until that one day when you realize, you should have listened. You should have sought your happiness, regardless of the path. You should have jumped into the unknown. You should have trusted your voice from within. But now it is too late. You sit back. Regretful. You know, you wasted your health, strength, best years of your life on being fearful. Wasted on staying in the comfort zone. The zone where you know the rules and blend in. The zone where everything is predictable. No obstacles. But also no challenges. No growth. And no faith in yourself. What a waste. What a shame.

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