Paris, My Paris

Paris. Everybody knows of Paris, either from a movie, a book or by experience. But do you want to see my Paris? Paris is so much more than the Eiffel Tower and the Seine. More than Notre Dame de Paris and Arc de Triomphe. Even more than Louvre and Mona Lisa. All very impressive attractions indeed, but Paris is more. Paris is fresh baked baguettes and croissants de hazelnut. Paris is mousse au chocolate and petit four. Paris is red checkered tablecloth and delicious red wine. Paris is cafe’s and strong espresso. Paris is the place where you can walk everywhere without feeling your are in a major European city. Paris will give your taste buds an experience unlike anything they have ever had before. Paris is streets with prostitutes in colorful outfits and sassy attitudes. Paris is kids playing with their balls in the beautiful green public parks, while their parents drink wine and smoke cigarettes near by. Paris is street and flea markets. Paris is fashion clothes and high heels. Paris is elegance and delicacies mixed with antiques, culture and history. Paris will draw you to her in an alluring dance and create an illusion just how beautiful life can be, before turning her back on you. Paris is the past, present and the future.

Do yourself a favor and add Paris to your bucket list. When you arrive, take your time. Just walk and observe and indulge and you too will have your own Paris.

Paris, Je t’aime and I will see you soon.

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