Be still…

The uncertainty she felt about her future was becoming an overwhelming mountain of doubt. Like a jungle filled with an infinity amount of pathways , each one only showing the possibility of a new direction, but the rest of the path still unexposed and hidden in the jungles tangled vegetation.

“How can one make a decision when the consequences are not clear? How does one know which path to choose? The possibilities are endless. The choices too overwhelming!”

Her mind responded by adding more noise. The voice of reason for each choice becoming louder and louder.

“How is one supposed to make a decision in this noise”, she whispered in despair.

Just then a tiny voice broke through and said ” Be still. Just be still.”

She sighed and felt herself relax.” Be still I can do. Be still is a pathway I can take. A pathway with a promise of clarity.”

And with this decision, the voices became quiet and once again she felt she could breathe. Even if it was just for now.



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